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Agia Efimia & Kefalonia

Agia Efimia KefaloniaAgia Efimia at Kefalonia is one of the most traditional and picturesque villages in Kefalonia. It is considered an ideal place to start your trips around the island, but also one of the most attractive ports opposite Ithaca.

The traditional architecture, the hospitable residents, the magnificent sceneries, the picturesque bay with the fish taverns, the restaurants and entertainment shops, the endless view of the Ionian Sea and the island of Ithaca, the green landscapes and the crystal waters, create an ideal place for the summer holidays. In the summertime many sailing boats gather here to find supplies and a good rest from the more frequented places of the Ionian.

Agia Efimia at Kefalonia consists of a collection of tranquil bays with beautiful pebble beaches. “Stamoulis Apartments Kefalonia“ are 150m from these beaches, making them easily accessible on foot. Also within walking distance is the local grocery store, tavernas, cafe bars as well as the scuba diving school.

Agia Efimia Village

The town is located at a 9km distance away from the harbor of Sami and it has magnificent landscape and beautiful beaches. Very close to the center you will find the famous Antisamos, Agia Paraskevi and Agia Efimia Beaches, but also many charming little pebble and sandy bays across Sami΄s coastline. Myrtos Beach Kefalonia is the "great gate" of Pylaros, a really breathtaking beach famous for its wild beauty and the clear blue waters.

Tourism is well organized in Agia Efimia Kefalonia, and the visitors may get all the services needed for a fine holiday.


Kefalonia Island

The Island of Contrasts

a mix of mythology and history

Kefalonia is part of the Ionian Islands and one of the prime vacation spots in Greece.
It's the largest island in the Ionian Sea, in area and with 254km. of coastline.

Kefalonia Island

Considered as the jewel of the Ionian, the island is generously endowed by nature, a place with rare geological phenomena, mysterious caves, therapeutic springs and subterranean water with superb beaches, traditional villages and rich archaeological finds. It is celebrated for its dramatic scenery combining mountain and sea.

In Kefalonia you can enjoy the Greek nature, the fresh sea breeze, the welcoming waters of the Ionian Sea, the traditional Greek cuisine and last the unique Greek hospitality!

Most visitors have made Kefalonia a yearly trip and have marked it as an unforgettable destination.

Here you will find useful information for sightseeing tours, the best beaches and everything you need to make your accommodation in Kefalonia unforgettable.



  • Melissani Lake

    Melissani Kefalonia

    The subterranean lake of Melissani was discovered in 1951 by the speleologist Gianni Petrochilo.
    The internal part has collapsed along with a major part of the roof revealing a marvelous view.
    Crystal clear waters and unique geophysical sculptures, seen from a boat that guides you through the entire lake.
    An unforgettable experience.

    Drogarati Cave

    Drogkarati Cave Kefalonia

    Drogarati's Cave, which is close to Sami, was discovered 300 years ago, when a part of it was destroyed because of a strong earthquake, and so the entrance was created.
    The cave's depth is 60m. from the ground level and it is open for the public since 1963.
    It's got many stalactites and stalagmites created from the rain. In the big hall of the cave (900m2), call "Sala of Apotheosis" because of its perfect acoustics, are organized music and other shows.

    Myrtos Beach

    Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

    Myrtos beach has been voted the most beautiful beach in Greece for several consecutive years. It's a blue flag beach and was the location for several scenes of the movie Captain Corelli's mandolin.
    From the road above, you have the most stunning view of the beach, known for the contrast of the white pebble and the shades of blue that the currents create in the sea with the dark green of the area.
    Here, you can swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear seas or simply stretch out on the sands and wonder at the amazing, dream-like views all around you. There's also a useful small bar-taverna on the sands for refreshments when you need them.


    Mount Aenos

    Aenos Mountain Kefalonia

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this majestic mountain. Mount Aenos is an exceptional natural preserve boasting a forest of the unique black firs of Kefalonia (Abies Cephalonica). Aenos became widely known as the Monte Negro of Greece due to the dark color of the trees that seemed black when seen from far away.
    This beautiful National Park hosts a great variety of flora species and a rich fauna including reptiles and birds, such as the hawk, the woodpecker and the blackbird. The most important mammal found here, but unfortunately is under extinction, is the famous Aenos wild horse, which belong to the Pindos breed and is small and very strong. Become a part of nature's magic.


    Sami Village

    Sami port Kefalonia

    If you visit Sami Village you can find, all sort of stores – food markets, gift shops, boutiques- and many nice restaurants over the waterfront. Health center, doctors, drugstore and dentist are nearby.
    Regarding sightseeing the area offers two hills which are overlooking the port. Paliokastro – Acropolis the old fortress where located Sami town in the ancient times and Agii Fanentes with ruins from Roman Houses. In one km distance is Dichalia village, known from the film set of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, since they had established “Pelagias” village there.
    If you visit the area, do not expect to see any leftovers for the sceneries, since according to the story everything lost by the earthquake. From the same road, you can walk to the Agrilia Monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary for exceptional view over the Ithaki Island and Antisamos bay.


    Antisamos Beach

    Antisamos beach Kefalonia

    Antisamos is a beach located near the town of Sami. It's a blue flag beach where many scenes of the film "Captain Corelli's mandolin" where shot.
    The ever-emerald blue waters, the small white pebbles, the amazing view, the trees that reach all the way to the water are only few of its attractions. A wild scenery and a landscape that will blow your mind. Antisamos beach is full organized beach with restaurants, water sports and sun beds.
    You can also get there from various walking trails throughout the local mountains, all of them offering an endless shade that seem to come out from a fairy tale.


    Assos Village

    Assos Kefalonia

    Assos is a small and picturesque fishing village 36 kilometers away from Argostoli.
    It is known for its imposing 16th century Venetian fortress. The fortress was built in 1585, when Assos became the capital of the northern part of the island, and it is a typical masterpiece of the Renaissance architecture.
    Today, one can still see the ruins of the walls, the house of the Venetian chief-master, military buildings and St Marco's church.


    Fiskardo Village

    Fiskardo Village Kefalonia

    Welcome to Fiscardo, the picturesque and beautiful Greek harbor village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia. Of the approximate 365 villages on this large and diverse island, Fiscardo is unique in that it was left virtually unscathed during the great earthquake of 1953, that ruined most of the islands historic buildings.
    Traditional fishing boats moor alongside the more extravagant temporary visitors during the summer. Fiscardo at night takes on an entirely different perspective. The lights, the old buildings, cafe, bars and restaurants all combine to provide a magical Mediterranean atmosphere.


    Poros Village

    Poros port Kefalonia

    Poros is the biggest district of new Elios – Pronnoi municipality. Is a beautiful, picturesque village, surrounded by the villages Tzanata, Asprogerakas, Kabitsata and Riza. It has a population of 1500 inhabitant.
    Its port is a significant link between Kefalonia and continental Greece. It was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953, after the few fishermen’s houses were destroyed, it is harmonically constructed at the foot of the mountains Pahi and Atros.
    A vast indented coastline, that is 2km long, abundant in sandy beaches and leeward ports, comprises its seafront.


    Skala Village

    Skala village Kefalonia

    Skala is located at the south - east corner of the island.
    Skala beach is 3km long, with different places to explore, with areas with fine sand and others with small rocks with absolutely beautiful colors. You can also find scuba diving, watersports and other things to keep you occupied.
    Beside of the beautiful scenery and the long sandy fully organized beach, here you can also find everything you need from a variety of banks, public services, supermarkets, cafe’s, bar restaurants, pharmacies and many more.



    Argostoli Kefalonia

    Argostoli is situated at the southern part of the island and it’s the capital of Cephalonia since 1797. It is built amphitheatrically at the heart of the deep golf of Koutavos and it has a well-organized port. It is the biggest town of the island with rich trade activity, a town that looks to the sea.
    The architecture is influenced by all the Ionian elements where overmaster the red roofs and wide terraces. Its town planning is modern with large streets and many roads for pedestrians. You can visit the Archeological Museum, the Folk Museum, enjoy walking or shopping at the pedestrian road of Lithostroto or by the waterfront. Plenty café and restaurants can be found around the central square of the town, operating from morning till late hours.


    Fortress of Agios Georgios

    Castle of Saint George Kefalonia

    The Fortress of Agios Georgios is located at the village Peratata on a 300m altitude and was probably constructed during the 12th century AD by Byzantine Emperors. It’s about 16.000m2 and its surrounding walls are approximately 600m long. Inside the walls there were public and private buildings, churches, food and ammunition warehouses, barracks, hospitals, prisons and water tanks.
    Visitors will also see the remnants of the catholic church of Agios Nikolaos and a tunnel that led from the castle to the lagoon of Koutavos and it was used in case of emergency exit. This castle was actually the capital of the island till 1757, when Argostoli became the new capital, but it was heavily damaged during the earthquakes of 1636, 1637 and 1953.


    Saint Gerasimos Monastery

    Saint Gerasimos Monastery Kefalonia

    The patron saint of the island of Kefalonia.
    It's believed that the Holy Relics of the Saint, performs miracles. In 16th of August, in which a great miracle occurred, a huge bazaar takes place.


    Lixouri Kefalonia

    Lixouri is the second biggest town of the island. It is situated at the south-western part of the island, in front of Argostoli and the two of them are connected with a ferry boat.
    Lixouri was called "piccolo Parigi"- small Paris - because of a small river that divides the town in two parts, like Sicuana divides Paris. This nick name though comes true because of the intense cultural activity of the town.
    Andreas Leskaratos is the famous local author and poet persona of the town, whose statue overmasters the coastal avenue with its back turned to Argostoli.

  • Scuba Diving KefaloniaScuba Diving

    Aquatic Scuba Diving Club intends to guide you to another world a different world than the one you are used to the wonderful world of the bottom of Kefalonia. Aquatic Scuba Diving Club, the premium Diving Club in Kefalonia is established since 1997 in Agia Efimia and offers a full range of training courses and dive packages for qualified divers and complete beginners. We are expecting you to a magical trip!


    Robola KefaloniaWine Tour

    If you do not walk through a vineyard and taste the unique local wines, it will be as if you have missed the true flavor of the island.

    Explore the secrets of Kefalonia wine and meet some of the most important producers of the island like the Robola Cooperative winery producing the famous Robola Wine.



    Horse Riding KefaloniaHorse Riding

    A horseback riding trip can be arranged for experienced riders and for those who would like to try it out for a couple of hours.

    Bavarian Horse Riding Stables based outside of Sami, on the road to Poros between Zervata and Koulourata villages. The stables are run by a qualified German horse instructor in countryside, dressage and jumping.

    Enjoy the mountains, canyons, valleys, olive groves and nature of the island on a horseback.


    Donkey Riding KefaloniaDonkey Trekking

    Let yourself overcome by the peace and calmness of the donkeys and explore Kefalonia in a traditional way.

    Another way to get the real Greek feeling is a ride on a donkey. Experienced, English-speaking guide will lead you safely through some of the island's most stunning scenery along the hidden trekking trails he knows so well.


    Ithaka Cruises KefaloniaCruises to Ithaca

    No trip to Kefalonia is complete without a cruise to Ithaca, the island named after Ithacos, son of Poseidon, God of the sea.

    Spending one day in Odysseus homeland, departing from the port of Agia Efimia or Sami and you will be surprised just how much you can see and experience in one day!


    Boat Rental KefaloniaBoat Rental

    Boat rental is available at the areas of Agia Efimia and Fiscardo.

    You may think is difficult to sail a boat, but actually is so easy for anybody, if they give you some basic instructions and weather is perfect, you can enjoy a different day out.

    Find your own tiny beach, feel close to the nature by swimming with no clothes, have a picnic by the seaside and feel free since you are far away from the civilized world.


    Sailing KefaloniaSailing

    Sail visiting typical Ionian Greek villages and secluded beaches on Kefalonia, Ithaca Lefkas and Meganisi.

    An ideal way to go sailing and explore the beautiful secluded bays and beaches of the Ionian Islands on a very spacious and comfortable luxury catamaran...


    Walking Trails KefaloniaWalking Trails

    Discover the hidden beauties of Kefalonia. The island of Kefalonia is a true paradise for walkers.

    The climate of the island and the varied landscape mean that conditions are right for walking at any time of year, though Spring is the most beautiful season, when the island is in full bloom.

    There are many walking trails on the island, which means that those who wish to explore on foot will have plenty of choice. All you need is a pair of trainers, a hat, sunglasses and a light rucksack for essential items like water.


    Lagoon Activities KefaloniaArgostoli Lagoon Activities

    Argostoli Lagoon Activities will guide you on a truly delightful journey in Koutavos lagoon.

    Choose between the water bike and the electric boat, and let yourself enjoy the serenity and the sounds of the lake during an unforgettable tour. Take with you your favorite music in a memory stick to accompany your ride.

    Do not forget also your camera to immortalize the moments of the most beautiful appointment with the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta, as well as your own poses with the proud swans.


    Kefalonian CuisineKefalonia Cuisine

    A major attraction of Kefalonia Island is its delectable local delicacies.

    Select one of the many small taverns around the island that serve scrumptious local cuisine, including dishes such as fresh seafood, kreatopita, mpakaliaropita, aliada as well as local feta cheese which are all made just a bit tastier with a bottle of the Kefalonian wine of your choice.



Accommodation at Stamoulis Apartments


Accommodation Facilities

  • Spacious terrace
  • Free public parking
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access

Guest Services

  • Reception frοm 9:00 to 21:00
  • Maid service every 3 days
  • Change of bed sheets and towels every 3 days


  • Nearest Beach: 20m
  • Supermarket: 20m
  • Restaurants: 30m
  • Bus station: 40m
  • Myrtos Beach: 6km
  • Argostoli: 31km
  • Airport: 33km
  • Port of Sami: 9km
  • Melissani Lake: 6km
  • Drogarati Cave: 11km
  • Assos Village: 14km
  • Fiskardo Village: 29km
  • Lixouri: 32km
  • Port of Poros: 33km
  • Skala Village: 42km


Stamoulis Apartments in Agia Efimia Kefalonia are well equipped with the appropriate facilities to meet your requirements for a comfortable holiday.
All rooms are set within a beautiful garden and offer a peaceful and private atmosphere ideal for absolute relaxation.

If you have selected Kefalonia as the destination of your vacation, send us your message now so that you can book the type of Kefalonia accommodation most suitable for your needs at Stamoulis Apartments.


Kefalonia Island

The Island of Contrasts
a mix of mythology and history

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